FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

what animals can use the custom cruiser? the custom cruiser is being used by a variety of small animals at this time, sugargliders, rats, hamsters gerbils, and squirrels. because of the various options of the bounce action, it can fit many of their needs.

Is the cruiser better than other wheels?
We don't consider the cruiser being BETTER than other wheels, it is very different though. There are several good safe running wheels on the market today. I look at the cruiser as being like a big foot 4x4 as it climbs up the rocky ledges vs the luxury car that has a smooth even ride.

Is the cruiser quiet The cruiser is designed to be quiet if maintained properly

does the cruiser ever need to be "lubricated"?
Yes, as in anything with moving parts, especially when running bearing systems, eventually the friction on the bearing does use the oil they are sealed with

Does the cruiser go as fast as other wheels? No, it doesn't go as fast, as it offers resistance, the animals may not use it as long, but they will use it harder, the difference between riding a bike on flat ground, vs riding it uphill at times.

can i use the nail trimmers on the cruiser? Yes, most of the nail trimmers will work on the cruiser,however; it is not something I recommend. the gliders as an example may run on the outside of the wheel, if it has a solid piece attached to the outside, there would not be something for them to grab onto.Also, since each track width is customized to your size, they may not fit on there correctly.

why are the backs of the cruisers so big? The large piece on the back of the cruiser is a bearing assembly it is designed to serve multiple purposes. it containes a dual bearing assembly, it covers the moving parts of the wheel, it sets the wheel away from the cage so a glider can not hide tightly between the wheel and cage wire, it also serves as a play area, sitting area (for those that take their food and run. some gliders use it as a way to get into or on top the wheel.

will it fit in my cage This has been a never ending issue with most of the safe wheels on the market. the diameter of the cruiser is about 12 1/4 inches,
The width however is dependant and how wide you customize the track. The bearing assembly on the back adds an additional 6 inches to the width, so the rule of thumb would be .. the width of the track plus 6 inches plus and additional inch for the cover itself. some cages like the flight cages with smaller doors, many people just open a side to place it in.

how does the bounce make their experience different than other wheels?
the cruiser is customized for what you want or need. It also has the bounce action that makes the cruiser more of an exercise wheel , rather than just a running wheel.With a regular running wheel, they can get into a system , with the cruiser with bounce action they do a variety of movements each workout. (link to bounce action page)

what made you think of adding a bounce option to your wheels?
I had received a wheel that was warped by the heat of the sun, and my gliders loved it more than their other wheels, I loved the offset idea and knew it would offer a different type of exercise.
(link to bounce action page)

what exercise does the bounce option offer?
with the full bounce option it simulates tree climbing or climbing up objects, much like climbing a tree the animal needs to pull down as it is climbing to get the wheel past the offset, therefore using a different set of muscles, just as gliders love to flip around on the branches, it also offers opportunities for those movements as well.
(link to bounce action page)

I have a seriously obese animal what is suggested for it?
for the seriously obese, we suggest the half bounce

(link to bounce action page)

i have small gliders, will they loose weight using a full bounce?
no more than more exercise causeing a small built person to lose weight, as long as they are fed properly, they will actually build their muscles, and firm up. exercise is always a good thing as long as they are eating as well.

why is the stand pole leaning back?
The cruiser is pretty heavy for a wheel, it weighs about 4 1/2 lbs, so the stand pole leaning back helps to offset the weight, so that as time goes on, the wheel doesn't lean in. It is also a balance position for the base itself. It reduces any risk of the wheel falling forward if hit real hard by the animal

Why offer different heights in the stand poles?
the higher the stand pole the more movement you have,  I try to tell people to place the height of the stand pole in a position where it is not easy for the gliders to get into them, they will figure it out, it is not only more enriching for them to problem solve, but it is also more exercise for them.

for gliders why will you go no lower than 6 inches from the ground?
I have video clips of a glider running in a full bounce, at the same time her cage mate went under the wheel and was sitting there while she was going, when I seen the video, I am glad that the extra space was there, I also have a glider that likes to run on the outside of the wheel, and others that love to ride around on the outside. For me it is better to be safe then sorry later on.

do you have side mounts available?
we have been working on side mounts, a couple of customers, thanks Nancy and Steve, have side mounts on their wheels we do have pictures of some that are being used at this time, BUT.... they must be used in a very sturdy cage and most of the wires in the flight cages are not strong enough to hold the weight of the wheel with the bounce action. there is also a couple that are hanging theirs from the roof of the cage. They are aware that the risks are theirs. we hope to develope a stable sytem that would be suitable for all wire types.

what commonly requested colors are currently not available
pink, purple and orange..currently we do not have them, but are always keeping our eye out for them, there are some lids on the market that do have some of those colors available, but we did not feel comfortable with using them on the custom cruiser

Talk to me about the magnetic therapy
for any questions regarding the magnetic therapy please email Linda Sardou at

how does the magnetic therapy work? please read this artical written by Linda Sardou

where are the magnets located on the therapy wheel?
is there a risk of the magnets ever coming out of their housing?
The magnets are located behind the big white stabilizer plate in the back of the wheel, the stabilizer plate is pressed flat against the outside of the back of the wheel, and secured with the stabilizer plate from the front, they are put together in such a fashion, that it is very difficult to revove the nuts once they are fully assembled.,there is NO risk of those magnets to ever leave it's housing, worse case scenerio, the magnets come loose, all they will do is, make a sliding noise as they are shuffled inside of the stabilizer plate

what is the magnetic field range on the magnets?
There is a 4inch magnetic field on the magnets that are used, which is why we only use a 4 inch running track

why do you no longer offer the plastic running track?
The plastic running track , we felt could not hold up to the widths of wheels we were building, we feel for the custom cruiser the wire mesh was, more sturdy and durable and fit the cruisers needs much better,

what wheel widths are available?
any wheel width you would like, widths from 3 1/2 inches to 5 1/2 inches are conidered standards, there are sizes above 5 1/2 inches available at an extra charge, what the extra charge is  depends on exactly what you are wanting, we have done 6,7,8,10, 12, 18 inch tracks, but with some of those we also have to go with much thicker stands and extra stability factors.