Bounce Action
(there are three bounce options available)

Full Bounce OFFSET From Center - 7/8-1 inch
EXERCISE LEVEL- Moderate to Heavy
Simulates tree climbing and flipping
COMMONLY USED - by those that run hard in
their wheel, overweight, but not obese
NOTES : Most commonly requested Bounce Action

Half Bounce
OFFSET From Center - 3/8-1/2 inch
EXERCISE LEVEL-Light to Moderate
simulates more of a ramp action workout
COMMONLY USED -for joeys,
ederly,VERY obese and those that don't
have the strength to pull the wheel hard
NOTES :Most commonly requested by
new joey owners and breeders

Minimum Bounce OFFSET From Center - 1/8-1/4 in
(not hardly any offset at all)
EXERCISE LEVEL -extremely Light
COMMONLY USED-Commonly used for
geriatric animals or animals with severe back,
hip and rear leg injuries
NOTES : not uncommon to be found
 on the special option
"Static Magnetic Therapy Wheel"

Videos which may be of some interest

video of
                    half and full bounce together       half full video  

videos are done in wmv format click on picture to view